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Leadership and Executive Coach for Women

Unleash Your Potential

Over the past 25 years of corporate life, I have supported women in leadership roles to develop self-worth and unleash their potential.

Through the years, I mentored a great number of high-performing individuals and am currently working with leaders who are passionate about living in alignment with their values and are committed to challenging their status quo. Personal and professional development through greater self-awareness and self-reflection is pivotal for leaders.

I can help you with that by ‘unpacking your suitcase’ and throw out what is no longer serving you. Instead, we fill it with courage, self-compassion, resilience, authenticity and purpose. Let me be the change champion for you through my executive, leadership and career coaching sessions.

Who I Work With

My clients are female leaders who are passionate, ambitious, focused, personally accountable and committed to achieving their goals. They are primarily from the hospitality, casino, travel and service sectors.

“The best way to get a seat at the table is to pull up a chair. Do not wait to be invited because the invitation may never come”

Indra Nooyi

Coaching with Sophie Chen

Coaching with Sophie is a journey. A journey where she supports you in pulling up a chair without waiting for an invitation. A journey where she helps you ‘unpack your suitcase’ to uncover the blockers and barriers which are limiting your growth and potential.

In leadership coaching, you will be supported in

  • Uncovering your hidden strengths
  • Revealing your innate qualities
  • Exuding your confidence
  • Heightening your self-awareness & emotional intelligence
  • Discovering your unique leadership style

Executive coaching for women is much needed today as women have to battle deep-seated biases on a daily basis. We will work on:

  • Challenging and stretching your thinking
  • Identifying triggers behind recurring behaviours and emotions
  • Moving forward with clarity of motivation and intention
  • Shifting your insights and perspectives
  • Empowering yourself to lead and live the life dictated by you

In career coaching, we will do a deep dive into:

  • Exploring uncharted territory of your self-limiting thoughts
  • Developing self-belief and overcoming your imposter syndrome
  • Quieting down your inner critic
  • Magnifying your inner champion
  • Leaning in, amplifying your voice and unleashing your untapped potential

One on One Coaching

I am known to be impartial, insightful and intuitive, knowing exactly when to stretch your thinking. A safe and non-judgmental space is held for you explore your challenges, thoughts, fears and emotions.

My sincerity and unbiased opinions resonate with many clients and I adopt a straightforward approach to coaching and will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.

In order to fully realize the benefits of one on one coaching, one is required to show up with an open mind, commitment and most importantly a desire to change. The aim is to close the gap between your potential and your current state and that happens only if there is action and application.

Free Discovery Session

Your Story

You are an executive, a leader and an emerging leader ready to:

  • Develop your executive presence
  • Gain clarity of your purpose
  • Quiet down your inner critic
  • Unleash your untapped potential
  • Diminish self-imposed limitations
  • Transition into new leadership role
  • Empower yourself to break the glass ceiling
  • Make a positive impact within your sphere of influence

but you have no idea where to start

Take That First Step

Awareness is the start of change. You do not have to walk the journey alone, let me be your change champion and ‘sparring’ partner. When women support women, we accomplish amazing things. Let us close the gender bias gap, beginning with you.

“We cannot continue doing the same thing and expect different results”

Otto Perez Molina

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