My Story

I am a certified coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching & Leadership, accredited by International Coach Federation and the Founder of “Leap with Sophie Chen”.

A recognized hospitality leader with 25 years of extensive hospitality management experience. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies, luxury hotel and casino operators like Sands China Limited, Wynn Resorts, Marriott International and Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Malaysia and Macau, I have first-hand experience in managing adversity and diversity. My portfolio includes having managed up to 700 team members, multiple properties and large-scale operations in fast paced and challenging environments.

I understand what it takes to be a female leader in a male dominating world. Had to constantly juggle egos and demands of (mainly male) stakeholders, keep up appearances, live up to the norm and battle deep seated biases throughout my career. Unfortunately, I did not get to where I am without being labeled as ‘bossy’, ‘demanding’ and ‘aggressive’. I do not apologize for being a woman (neither should you) but I wished I did not have to walk the journey alone.

Hence, “Leap with Sophie Chen” was founded. I strongly believe that leaders excel better with a ‘sparring’ partner and trustworthy confidant. I find that women executives understand each other better as we all face similar struggles.

It is said that women are representing the biggest emerging market opportunity, however there is not much concrete framework available to help them succeed and that is the jarring truth.

I currently reside in Singapore with my very supportive husband. When I’m not coaching, I (sometimes) bike and swim, experiment new recipes, (tries to) make sourdough bread and entertain my social circle who is usually rather eager to be my guinea pigs.